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04 June 2008 @ 04:24 pm
cont. from earlier (red is her, blue is me)  
So..  I guess I'll just quote directly from my phone.

So I don't want to blow you off but ___ wants to hang out and I really like him.  Maybe you can pick me up from there if I get a ride no wait that won't work idfk.
Then I guess I wont see you for awhile then
wtf why not what is the problem you can meet me there or bring me there after we hang out but then i wouldn't have a ride home

WE were supposed to hang out yesterday.  So then you said that WE could hang out today instead. WE means me and you.

we can go out and get something to eat i need to get food for my dog
well i am sorry that you can't have me to YOURself

It hurts because you know how I feel about you and you say you feel the same way about me.  It hurts to see you do what you do.  I guess I know how _____ felt.

you've been giving me attitude ever since i started talking to him
and if we go out to eat it would be just us this is killing me the way you are being
its really sad if something like that ruins our friendship
are you serious right now
you don't know how ____ feels why would you bring his name into this.  wtf did you forget he used to beat me?

you know I feel about you and you act like you dont care.  im sorry if i sound selfish.

when did I tell you how I felt about you I wanted to sleep with you maybe that's about it i consider you a best friend and you said you'd always be there for me now you are acting obsessive
whatever be pissed at me all you want but you're hurting ME and you don't even know it

forget I said anything then

i act like I don't care okay that's really enough of this its pissing me off
matt you're making me really upset do you want to hang out or not either way i'm going over there whether it be before during or after

i dont know.  you are right im obsessing too much right now.

cmon matt this should be no different from how we are any other day you just don't want to see me with him and 

that's silly fine I will sit at home along all day since I don't have a ride over there.
ill come over after work
so are we hanging out or not?
well I might be in easthampton then, if you want to you'd have to come over there. 
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